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Charlotte Business Law Firm

At Randall Law Group we only employ the highest quality attorneys and legal assistants. Please review our team of experienced attorneys below. If you have any questions or need help getting started please contact us today. Our team of Loan Modification specialists, negotiators, processors and lead Attorney are highly trained and experienced in securing the best loan modification for our clients. We are confident that our experience in dealing with most lenders (Chase, America, Wells, Citibank, etc.), as well as our in depth audits on every potential file by a qualified and experienced loan auditor gives our clients an enormous advantage. We have many testimonials and referrals to prove our business ethics, and a proven successful track record that produces quantifiable results. Additionally, our pricing is competitive, while assuring a specialist will be specifically assigned to your profile. Working with Randall Law Group. will put a team on your side. We will not take you in as a client if we feel that we cannot help modify your loan and save you money.